The Green Parrot: The Harlem Lounge Oasis near the Sugar Hill Area.

Standing right under my nose in Harlem is a charming small lounge called the Green Parrot on 145th Street and 7th Ave near the “Sugar Hill” area. The Green Parrot is a fascinating bar/lounge in Harlem, with an interior that you would not expect in this particular area on 145th and 7th. It looks like it should be in downtown Manhattan or “Downtown Harlem” simply because of the tasteful ambiance this place has.

The Green Parrot is another addition to Harlem by “Londell” , yes the same owner as the famed Londell’s restaurant on Strivers’ Row in Harlem, with the same touch of class but with a unique flavor of its own. This place gives off a relaxed and humble feel mixed with a lot of “coolness”. Green Parrot is managed by the lovely and sexy Rashida Gariver aka (“Roxy”) who also is the resident “Mixologist”!

“We are very open minded with our clientele, we have people from different backgrounds, from different places, and all are welcome here as long as you come with love in your’re heart. This establishment is a place that leads with love. There really is no limit to our clientele as long as you come with love and respect in you’re heart. We put good energy into our atmosphere so that we can receive that good energy back.”

As I spoke with “Roxy” she explained her plans to transform this lounge into a hub of culture with a variety of different genre’s with art gallery shows, paintings and poetry, performing arts, different forms of artistry to allow people to come and express themselves. We also feel the need to cater to the people that live here in the neighborhood to build with the community.kimg1375-2

This bar/lounge also has “bar food” that is good good indeed. Roxy served me the “Veggie Burger”with fries and coleslaw served with a chipotle  mustard which left me quite satiated along with her signature “red sangria” that was not only tasty but packed a hidden punch with I felt when I rose from my stool when she offered to take me on a tour


of the kitchen and her office downstairs. Roxy is not only a pleasant and respectful person, she is also a most gracious excellent host. (then I realized she treats everyone likes this) many would benefit from her example. As she walked me thorough the kitchen and introduced me to the chef, I noticed that the kitchen was not only very clean and orderly, but above standard (they did not get an A rated for nothing), then she showed me her modest office (very neat and professional) and even got a tour of the liquor store room, (I felt like an inspector) as she showed me that everything is of high standard, which it was in fact. The openness and honesty of this woman was impressive enough to pass any inspection!

The Green Parrot also features “Roxy’s Signature Drinks” all artistic creations from the head mixologist herself. “I am like a chef when it comes to mixology” I tend to blend liquor, juices, herb and spices and flavors”. I’m learning everyday some new combination of liquors and flavors. All my drinks I make from scratch, and my inspiration comes from my customers while I custom build drinks for them.” Roxy’s flavorful creations include the rapidly trending “Call Uber” and the “Joy Ride” which is a variation of the sidecar she recreated.  Roxy is always thinking of new ways to make the lounge better, and she is totally committed to her work; when I asked why she pours so much energy into the lounge, she said: “Because I love the business, I love the grind and what I do”!


And just like her wonderful signature drinks and outstanding customer service, I love what she does too!


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