Nick Fowler and Natasha Komis : Perform at Chelsea Station for Code NYC Weekly Music Series.

On Wednesday Jan 11th Nick Fowler and Natasha Komis gave a riveting performance for the Code NYC weekly music series at Chelsea Station. Nick and Natasha played for a small and intimate crowd of industry people and performed some fantastic covers.

First, Sax player Geno Marriott  from the D.C area opened up for the duo playing a couple of amazing sets which was quite impressive.


Then “Nick and Natasha” played seven sets of covers, which included John Lennon’s “Imagine”, “Wonderwall” by Oasis, Duran Duran’s “Ordinary World”, Bryan Adam’s “Summer of 69”, a tribute to the late George Michael’s “Father Figure”, and Gun’s and Roses “Sweet Child of Mine”.

The two then closed with another Bryan Adams song “Everything I Do” with Geno Marriott joining in on the sax, which really blew everyone away for a stunning final. Needless to say this was a rare treat for all that attended!


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