CODE NYC MAGAZINE LAUNCH:Launch Party at Chelsea Station.

On December 21, 2016 CODE MEDIA GROUP launched the first issue of “CODE NYC MAGAZINE”held at Chelsea Station on 23rd and 8th Ave in correlation with the Winter Solstice to celebrate the artists featured in the debut issue.



kimg133421(Left to Right: Stephen, Nick Fowler, Mike Strange, Damion Rochester, Carl Van Nevius, and Kill Code)

As part of the writing department for Code NYC, I had to report on some of the great musical talent that we are partnered with such as Amanda Holley, Kill Code, Nick Flower and Natasha Komas, Stephen, and a host of others.

The performances was hosted by executive partner Carl Van Nevius and Industry Icon Ralph Cooper ll. with wine and drinks provided by the elegant Chelsea Station.

I will keep you posted of press releases, parties, and event hosted by the Code NYC team.

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