Javier Avila’s Gallery Exhibition “Be My Icon” Opening

Masterful artist Javier Avila has some never seen before drawings, as well as some new pieces at the Storefront Project on the Lower East Side. I had the honor of being received by the artist at the grand opening of his “Be My Icon” gallery exhibit.kimg12541

Icon Artist Javier Avila

Painting and never before seen Drawing by Javier Avila


Icon Liz Taylor and  The Storefront Project Gallery owner Gina Pagano with the artist Javier Avila.



A Testament to the Artist by Gabriel de Guzman

The“Be My Icon” Exhibit runs through December 10, 2016. Be sure to stop by the Storefront Project at 70 Orchard Street in the Lower East Side of Manhattan and meet the Artist Javier Avila and the gracious Gino Pagano and, see the fabulous art culture of the Icon himself Javier.

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