Elaine Romanelli: A Most Outstanding Singer, Songwriter, and Composer. Folk Music at it’s Best.

Elaine Romanelli is a singer songwriter, and composer who also plays guitar and the piano. With a degree in music Elaine has been singing her whole life, and just recently has started playing instruments, though you would not believe such a thing if you happened to sit for one of her performances which I’ve had the pleasure of doing on a few occasions. Her voice and piano playing have a smooth and soothing effect on you, which is the perfect setting for relaxation and introspection, transporting you to a realm both familiar and new.



Elaine has been performing for over 15 years as a singer, she decided to write song 10 years ago. during my interview with Elaine she mentioned that besides playing guitar and piano, she would also like to learn to play the harmonica. Being half Italian and Irish Elaine’s parents was fond of singing while taking road trips, she sang in the choir at church, at camp and while washing dishes. With a background in musical theater in San Francisco as well as singing chamber classical music, it is no wonder that her enchanting and well trained voice can suspend you in time along with her intriguing melodies. “Singing chamber music is so beautiful and fun, I really love it” Elaine told me.


With musical influences like Yo-Yo Ma, “He is so expressive, with what he can do with the cello, pushing boundaries.” Carol King, “so many hits.” The female classical pianist Sara Bareilles, The folk music songwriting of Star Williams, and most recently Taylor Swift.


Elaine attended an after school music instruction program since she was 4 years old until she was twelve, composed songs in high school, and went on to study music at City College in San Francisco. She says “There is some value in surrounding yourself with those that are better than you.” “Music is a non-rational thing, exciting and stirring; anyway to get to music is a good way.”

Elaine Romanelli is one of those rare musical talents that easily blends classical and folk music to create a mood and emotion that relates to the unique and pure nature of storytelling in her songwriting, which she is able to bring out with remarkable ease in her performances.

tt“Music is fundamentally a collaborative art, the exchange between the performer and the audience.”

d048e5318389cb0f9e6c6f960344931d83b4619aElaine told me that she “would love to find a musical partner that would be a perfect match for her, that would get along with her husband”, when I asked her what would be a dream project for her.



Elaine has three CD’s under her belt, the first album: “Better by Far” (2006) in which she only sang didn’t play any of the instruments with original songs like (“Fly”, “Better by Far” and “One Small Drop”), “Real Deal” (2010) includes all original songs such as (“Song about the Trees”, “Faust Revisited”, and “Naughty Lola”), and the third “The Hour Before” released in 2015, she played only one instrument on each song. Her latest album “The Hour Before” includes wonderful songs Like (‘25’, “Forty Back” and “Starting Over”). I could easily see one of her songs as a soundtrack for a Hollywood or television movie. Don’t be surprised if you see her performing at Carnegie Hall or Lincoln Center in the near future, such is the high caliber of her voice and songwriting.


For more info of her amazing work check out her website: http://www.elaineromanelli.com.

Elaine will be performing:

In Philadelphia in Nov 2016

Chicago in March 2017

Elaine also does house concerts and is available for bookings.

Check out her website for more details and contact information.


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