The New Expansion and Growth of the Menswear Fashion Market: An in-depth style that’s modern and in the moment.

According to Euromonitor International, “The global market for men’s designer apparel is projected to reach nearly $33 billion in 2020, up 14 percent from $29 billion in 2015.” There has been a growing paradigm shift in men’s fashion wear as many men are now paying more attention to the way they look and also going for comfort in the way they are dressing.


Men’s fashion brands and major publishing houses are now focusing on this new men’s fashion paradigm, and trying to keep up to fill the need for more versatile and stylish menswear geared towards this new tread.

“Expand the broader menswear market by educating consumers and pushing the boundaries of men’s fashion.” (Will Welch GQ Style editor).


Professional men in the workplace are readily abandoning the classic dress codes and business casual protocol of a button down shirt or knit shirt and khakis, opting instead to wear a nice high end dress shirt with jeans and deck shoes or even sneakers; a look that’s spreading like wild-fire in New York City; and other major urban cities. After the downturn guys started to dress up again, but with an emphasis on style and comfort, wanting to look good without the rank and file uniform feel, such as wearing nice jeans with a blazer and a stylish shirt or T-shirt.


Today’s men are being more creative in the way that they think about what they are wearing, paying more attention to style and a more modern and relaxed fit. The style for men in this present period is more creative in sense of smart stylish looks that are very versatile.


Don’t get me wrong, men’s suits are still integrally vital to menswear, it is just how men choose to wear them is changing, (think high end designer suit with a silk screened T-shirt with stylish casual shoes!) Stylish Creativity and relaxed comfort is the new name of the game in menswear, and men’s fashion brands are scrambling to keep up with the growing demand for more versatile stylish apparel in menswear.


One of the fastest growing areas in menswear now is, believe it or not men’s shoes.  As many men now are looking for well made fashion forward footwear that is more stylish, and moving away from the more boring traditional styles, as well as willing to spend more money in this area to find them.  Many men are spending more time and money on the way they look to project a more confident and stylish image. The global growth of the men’s clothing market according to a January 2016 Barclay’s report is expected to be up to $40 billion by 2019.





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