Spectre & Co: High End Men’s Fashion Wear at Affordable Prices.


Back in the early summer of 2013, I came across the men’s apparel online website  Spectre & Co and really liked what was being offered by this hip but unknown brand, thinking, “This Company really gets me!” As far as the fabric and style of the shirts were concerned, was all that I could hope for in men’s stylish shirts, and best of all under $45.00-$65.00.  In the next three years, being busy with studying in the medical field, I am ashamed to say lost touch with this phenomenal company and dressing myself with the more, well known label brands.

KIMG1178But like fine wines, this company more than improved their stylish men’s wear while still keeping their commitment to high quality fabric and craftsmanship. I was walking through the “Turnstyle Shops” at Columbus Circle in Midtown Manhattan and walked by the newly opened Spectre & Co storefront and the memory of this stylish and quality brand came flooding back to me, so I had to walk in and inspect the goods.

KIMG1181Spectre & Co was created by young entrepreneur Jeffery Zhang who got the idea while trying to find a good quality shirt to attend a friend’s wedding, and was outraged that he had to spend $150.00 for a decent shirt. Jeff Zhang decided to take matters into his own hands and opened up an online retail store for men, catering to young professionals who appreciate superior quality fabrics and fashion style.


(Jeff Zhang Owner of Spectre & Co)

In May 2013 Spectre & Company was born and in a very short time became a game-changer in men fashion. Jeff worked in consulting and finance in New York for five years after graduation from New York University, and used his own personal savings of $40,000 to start his new venture in men’s fashion retail all on his own, well sort of.

KIMG1174Jeff’s father Jue Wei Zhang (“Joe”) who owns and operates J.W.E, a uniform manufacturer based in New York boasting about 20 Million in yearly sales, helped out by allowing Jeff to use his warehouse located in Port Washington NY and production line in his factory just outside of Shanghai in China, and a former designer from six decade old Ascot Chang in Hong Kong that makes upscale shirts oversees the production. Jeff designs as well as choosing all the fabrics of his shirts, insuring the style and quality is of high standard.

Jeff is also at the helm of the company web-site and of course the Facebook page, in which he has a blog giving out fashion advice, which serves as a good strategy to maintain customer loyalty.



    (Sales associate Ryan greeting customers with a smile)

(G. Joseph Torogiwa wearing blue and grey sports jackets by Spectre & Co)

Spectre & Company while trying to get the word out about his men’s clothing line does not spend much on advertising, but uses word of mouth from his customer base and having “pop up” stores in Chelsea and Soho, to expose his fantastic men’s fashion line.

The store opened in April of this year, and the Shirts, ties, shorts, trench-coats, accessories are now all in the store at the Columbus Circle “Turnstyle” marketplace for inspection, and of course to try on. You will be glad you did




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