The Ubiquitous Boutonniere: Or the Mysterious Origins of the Flower Label Pin

The label pin flower is well known by many, but most young men had not been introduced to this men’s fashion accessory until attending a funeral, prom or wedding for over half a century, However the flower lapel pin or Boutonniere from the French (button hole) has been a part of the gentleman’s dress for a far longer period of time.


The origins of Boutonniere is shrouded in mystery, but one legend has it that when Prince Albert and Queen Victoria married, photographs was still in its infancy, so their wedding photographs was taken one year later and Queen Victoria presented her husband with flowers as a token and symbol of her love for him. The ever gentlemanly Prince Albert cut a hole in the lapel of his dress coat and inserted the flower in the “button hole.” The distinctive look and style was quite impressive and of course all the gentlemen began to follow suit.

For many years the Boutonniere was common place with men even wearing it in the office at work, but sometime after World War II the practice began to wane as a common fashion statement for men but was keep alive by movie stars and celebrities, and this classic style became reserved for weddings and other special occasions.

Now there has been a resurgence of this classy and stylish look that has taken on a more profound look as well as being made from all types of fabrics and materials and, over time morphed into label pins with various insignias and designs to show club or political party affiliations to national pride or as an award of corporate prestige to just plain novelty.

What’s on your lapel???



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