The Amazing Abstract Art World of Anthony Boone: A Boone for the Art World



Anthony Boone who resides in Jersey City NJ describes himself as an Artist, Father, and Rail Road Conductor, who started painting in 2005. It all began as a hobby, painting for himself to simply beautify his home, and when he invited guest over, they all greatly admired the art he created and urged him to pursue his natural artistic talent. Anthony has been working as a railroad conductor for about 25 years, and as a self taught artist for the last 16 years and has been creating sculptures for the last five years.  Anthony was very gracious to make time for my interview with as he was on his way to drop off one of his art works for a charity gala on Park Ave slated for June 6th 2016 at the request of a Miss Melissa Jane with “A Party for a Cause.”


Anthony Boone told me that he feels that “Art choose him” and has a “very unorthodox” approach when it comes to creating a work of art, a bottle of wine and his favorite music aids him to create from raw emotion. Anthony just” pulls out all his paint and materials and just begins to paint, without knowing what colors he is going to use”, nor a concept in mind, he just “Throws himself in.” Never quite sure when one of his works are finished, he “walks away for a day or two to think, and when he comes back knows if the work is finished or if he needs to add more or not.”

Anthony feels that it is very integral in his work to produce “good quality work”; “If I can get someone who is not really into abstract art to stop and be curious about one of my works” is of the utmost importance to him, he told me. “I think that artists are much needed in the world to express and reflect what is going on in the world around us on a global scale, including politics.”


A very seminal experience for Anthony is when a young woman and mother contacted him on Instagram, when he was doing his “150 series” which went viral on the internet while promoting his T-shirt line, told him that she really didn’t know that much about art but his work really spoke to her, and had a profound impression on her two year old son and which inspired him to draw, and sent them to Anthony, who was very deeply touched.


Anthony Boone told me that he has a certain type of relationship with his art works, “I actually work with the paint, and it takes on a life of its own, I watch the paint dry and have a deeper understanding of the different types of paint that I’m working with”.  One theme that Anthony has been thinking of doing for some time now is a “Jimmy Hendrix” series which is very taunting for him as the subject is so powerful and he wants to do it justice.


This abstract, impressionist artist admires other artist such as “Hebrew Bradley” an airbrush artist from Chicago, who sold his painting “I’m Scared” to Jay-Z and Jackson Pollock.  In 2009 the murder of Anthony Boone’s brother, who suggested to Anthony before his passing that he should sell his art on clothes and inspired Anthony to do just that is an example of a real life situation  that can drive an artist’s creativity.  Anthony Boone is a very shy person and you would not think that by the powerful impressions his art work radiates, but he is afraid of public speaking he told me.



Anthony Boone’s artist outlook on life is “the total freedom to enjoy life, the only thing that I can control in life is my art. you can’t define art.”  Each creation by Anthony is considered as “his children” and is very hard to part with sometimes.”  Anthony really likes the “movement and texture of his work and his dream project is to have the rail road fund him a box-car and have a moving art show from Miami to Florida showcasing local artists work “A moving art show”.



The best teacher Anthony believes is traveling, “When I went to Italy, I learned much about the food, daily habits, culture of the country, the family value’s and the simple way of life they live, it makes you well rounded.”   The abstract art works of Anthony Boone are unique and thought provoking, in the sense that they stimulate activity in the right side of the brain which controls visualization and creativity which is why one of the chef’s and Mixologist at Red Rooster, Tony Santana requested Anthony to create an apron featuring his art work for him to wear, which Anthony did for free, and actually created two for him.









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