The Metrosexual Male: Being metrosexual


There are many different ways that a Metrosexual man is perceived by others of the same and opposite sex. First let us examine the definition of the word Metrosexaual: “an urban, heterosexual male with liberal political views, an interest in fashion, and a refined sense of taste, exhibiting a strong aesthetic sense and inordinate interest in appearance and style.”


Being a metrosexual does not mean that you are predisposed to being gay, but rather you are a heterosexual who is expressing self-love by means of his appearance and sense of style and is very much in touch with his feminine side and is not afraid to show it.


Metrosexual Men are not afraid to bend gender lines in regards to fashion, and can come across as a bit androgynous at times when styling himself an outfit, and are also known to use female beauty products simply because some of them are better or yield desired results.


People are always attempting to define Metrosexual men, but the truth is, we cannot be defined by either sex because we define ourselves, which is why all efforts to place us in a specific category fails. I for one do not really like labels, but if you must, label me stylish!


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