The Amazing Abstract Art World of Anthony Boone: A Boone for the Art World



Anthony Boone who resides in Jersey City NJ describes himself as an Artist, Father, and Rail Road Conductor, who started painting in 2005. It all began as a hobby, painting for himself to simply beautify his home, and when he invited guest over, they all greatly admired the art he created and urged him to pursue his natural artistic talent. Anthony has been working as a railroad conductor for about 25 years, and as a self taught artist for the last 16 years and has been creating sculptures for the last five years.  Anthony was very gracious to make time for my interview with as he was on his way to drop off one of his art works for a charity gala on Park Ave slated for June 6th 2016 at the request of a Miss Melissa Jane with “A Party for a Cause.”


Anthony Boone told me that he feels that “Art choose him” and has a “very unorthodox” approach when it comes to creating a work of art, a bottle of wine and his favorite music aids him to create from raw emotion. Anthony just” pulls out all his paint and materials and just begins to paint, without knowing what colors he is going to use”, nor a concept in mind, he just “Throws himself in.” Never quite sure when one of his works are finished, he “walks away for a day or two to think, and when he comes back knows if the work is finished or if he needs to add more or not.”

Anthony feels that it is very integral in his work to produce “good quality work”; “If I can get someone who is not really into abstract art to stop and be curious about one of my works” is of the utmost importance to him, he told me. “I think that artists are much needed in the world to express and reflect what is going on in the world around us on a global scale, including politics.”


A very seminal experience for Anthony is when a young woman and mother contacted him on Instagram, when he was doing his “150 series” which went viral on the internet while promoting his T-shirt line, told him that she really didn’t know that much about art but his work really spoke to her, and had a profound impression on her two year old son and which inspired him to draw, and sent them to Anthony, who was very deeply touched.


Anthony Boone told me that he has a certain type of relationship with his art works, “I actually work with the paint, and it takes on a life of its own, I watch the paint dry and have a deeper understanding of the different types of paint that I’m working with”.  One theme that Anthony has been thinking of doing for some time now is a “Jimmy Hendrix” series which is very taunting for him as the subject is so powerful and he wants to do it justice.


This abstract, impressionist artist admires other artist such as “Hebrew Bradley” an airbrush artist from Chicago, who sold his painting “I’m Scared” to Jay-Z and Jackson Pollock.  In 2009 the murder of Anthony Boone’s brother, who suggested to Anthony before his passing that he should sell his art on clothes and inspired Anthony to do just that is an example of a real life situation  that can drive an artist’s creativity.  Anthony Boone is a very shy person and you would not think that by the powerful impressions his art work radiates, but he is afraid of public speaking he told me.



Anthony Boone’s artist outlook on life is “the total freedom to enjoy life, the only thing that I can control in life is my art. you can’t define art.”  Each creation by Anthony is considered as “his children” and is very hard to part with sometimes.”  Anthony really likes the “movement and texture of his work and his dream project is to have the rail road fund him a box-car and have a moving art show from Miami to Florida showcasing local artists work “A moving art show”.



The best teacher Anthony believes is traveling, “When I went to Italy, I learned much about the food, daily habits, culture of the country, the family value’s and the simple way of life they live, it makes you well rounded.”   The abstract art works of Anthony Boone are unique and thought provoking, in the sense that they stimulate activity in the right side of the brain which controls visualization and creativity which is why one of the chef’s and Mixologist at Red Rooster, Tony Santana requested Anthony to create an apron featuring his art work for him to wear, which Anthony did for free, and actually created two for him.









The Stylish and Artistic works of Javier Ávila: Beauty and Style in Art.

The very Stylish artist Javier Ávila always loved fashion as a child, in fact he “Love’s all things beautiful and stylish.”  Born in Mexico, Javier moved to San Francisco Ca where he started painting at 16 years old, worked as a dresser for a theater company. And at 18 became an apprentice to a milliner from New York who taught him to make hats, later to break away and start his own hat business catering to an exclusive clientele in San Francisco for about four years.


( Javier and his portraits of Josephine Baker) Photo credit: Will Vaults


Javier worked in theater production, fashion hat accessories, and segwayed into costume designing before moving to New York where he started interior design, but was encouraged to return to painting after a short hiatus by his friends. Painting a portrait of his mother in 2006 “rebooted” his painting and he has been going strong ever since.

Loving to paint elegant and stylish portraits of famous and iconic women, Javier has created a series of very beautiful and influential woman of the arts such as Josephine Baker, Audrey Hepburn, and Jennifer Lopez.

Before starting a work of art, Javier loves to conduct deep research on his subjects. Being self -taught, his lets his inspiration flow into his work, usually while listening to music and surrounding himself with objects that relate to the subject he’s working on.


(Sophia Loren, Maria Felix, Audrey Hepburn, and Cher by Javier Avila) Photo credit: Will Vaults

Javier feels that artist play an important role in making people think, not just about the beauty of the world around them but also the beauty that is within them.  Javier told me that his work has evolved over time becoming, “more fine tuned”, but sort of stayed the same in a way. Experimenting more with different techniques, his work has become “more-clean” and refined “producing a stronger statement.”  Inspired by the great masters like “Gustav Klimt” and “Diego Rivera” he likes to combine his love of fashion, jewelry, and clothing in his work, despite the fact he is regarded as a “pop-artist.”

Bisazza 5

(Maria Felix Portrait by Javier ‘Avila) Photo credit: Kenneth Norwich

The next collection of paintings that Javier is working on is the “Chanteuse Collection” which will feature “Sade”, “Amy Winehouse”, “Grace Jones”, “Billy Holiday” and “Anna May Wong” the first Chinese American female movie star! This series will explore the darker side and concepts of love, which will have a more 1950’s spin.

Javier Avila loves the fact that his work is fun and makes people happy, especially when people notice the hidden signatures in his painting as well as the story behind some of jewels or clothing the subjects in his paintings are wearing.

When Javier is creating, he is usually by himself so “the artistic life can be a bit lonely.” To counteract this he told me he just goes to parties.  A big turn off for Javier is “bad manners and rudeness” and people who have no compassion.”

This charming, intelligent, and fashionable artist reflects these attributes in his work and is certainly bound for fame A’ la Andy Warhol!

(Feature Photo credit: Kenneth Norwich)

The Metrosexual Male: Being metrosexual


There are many different ways that a Metrosexual man is perceived by others of the same and opposite sex. First let us examine the definition of the word Metrosexaual: “an urban, heterosexual male with liberal political views, an interest in fashion, and a refined sense of taste, exhibiting a strong aesthetic sense and inordinate interest in appearance and style.”


Being a metrosexual does not mean that you are predisposed to being gay, but rather you are a heterosexual who is expressing self-love by means of his appearance and sense of style and is very much in touch with his feminine side and is not afraid to show it.


Metrosexual Men are not afraid to bend gender lines in regards to fashion, and can come across as a bit androgynous at times when styling himself an outfit, and are also known to use female beauty products simply because some of them are better or yield desired results.


People are always attempting to define Metrosexual men, but the truth is, we cannot be defined by either sex because we define ourselves, which is why all efforts to place us in a specific category fails. I for one do not really like labels, but if you must, label me stylish!


Lady Leah Sings the Blues: And all that Jazz





Leah Pearson-Finnie is an amazing Harlem based Blues and Jazz singer whom I’ve had the pleasure of seeing perform on several occasions. In my interview with her she told me that she started to sing at around 2 years old. The oldest of her siblings, her mother worked nights and her father worked during the day. During the day her father would gather them around the piano as a form of entertainment, and of course she would sing. Later she would sing at church to the pleasure of everyone present.



“Lady Leah” likes to find the message that is already within a song that she sings, and feels that there are so many pieces of music that are important, and likes to perform those songs that have been already written as a form of expression of that message.  Currently she is working on a few original songs that she hope to have ready next year.  Her dream is to uplift the lives of the people she sings for, and brighten their day.


The very first song she learned to sing was “Peter Cottontail” as a child ever before she could walk, and coming from a musical family I can see why. Her father whose is a musician, and her two brothers and sister played instruments behind him in church. Leah and her musical family became very well known locally in her hometown of Ohio, and were always being invited to sing at weddings and special events, known as the “Pearson Family”.


Lady Leah was influenced by famous musicians such as “Cab Calloway”, “Billy Holiday”, and “Ray Charles”. Leah told me that her father taught her everything, as well as learning from the greats she listened to, “style, and “form”.  Leah told me that a couple of her fondest musical memories were, “singing around the piano with family and schools musicals”.



During a live performance Leah likes to get to know her audience so that she can give her all when she sings.  Leah has an R&B and a Jazz band that she rehearses with a couple of times a week.


A live jazz vocalist who sings “purely for the joy” of others, Leah released her CD “Off the Shelf” in 2015, and is also a resident jazz singer during brunch at Cheri restaurant in Harlem every Sunday at 121st street and Lenox Ave from 12:00 AM to 3:00 PM, and Lady Leah also performs every 4th Wednesday at the nightclub “Harlem Nights” at 138th street and 7th Ave with her Blues band “Sweet Life” at 8:00 PM.




Sonya Hensley: The multi-talented performer and songstress.

Sitting down and chatting with Sonya Hensley over a cup of tea and chardonnay, I was quite impressed with many of the projects she has been involved with, and the release of her debut CD “The Essential.”  Sonya is a very adept performing artist and a master at dance, theater, and of course song.   Sonya refers to herself as a rare combination of her parents, and extremely fortunate in regards to her being a New Yorker and having the guts to pursue her dreams.



Being a very spiritual human being, she wants to leave behind to everyone she meets and come in contact with the spirit of truth, as we are all connected.  Sonya recalled that she was told by her family that her grandfather used to dress her up and drive her around in his convertible while blasting music on the radio. Sonya told me that growing up she was exposed to music at an early age. As her household record collection was quite small, she got her musical exposure from listening to the radio. At ten years old Sonya started learning modern dance, and the music that she danced to had a profound influence on her. Stanly Clark, Donald Bird, was a couple of the bands that got her interested musically.  Sonya sung her first song at a talent show in junior high school, singing “rock steady” by Aretha Franklin, which she didn’t win but learned a great deal.


She later got to sing “Satin Doll” in a show which she auditioned for as a teen, which is when she knew she had what it takes to sing.  Heart break, love and struggle are some of the messages she likes to convey when she sings.  Sonya told me that her goal in life is to give the healing gift of singing to the world through the freedom of expression. “I like to read the spirit of the people in the room” she told me while she is performing.  Sonya started recording professionally with Larry Blackman with the group Cameo.


The multi- talented Sonya started in dance and then onto theater to singing jazz, performing and singing in the U.S. and overseas.  Sonya told me that she has gotten nervous many times before a performance, messed up on lyrics, but was able to recover quickly being a pro. “I shamelessly make up lyrics if I mess up.”


Sonya has performed on Broadway in:

Sophisticated Ladies (starring)
George M starring Joel Grey
Dreamgirls                (role of Lorrell)
Sweet Charity.          (role of Helene)
Bessie’s Blues. Ruby, Rhthym, Ma Rainey
They’re Playing our song    chorus
Company Policy           (Lead: Lashawn)
Othello (LA Women’s Shakespeare Co)   various male/female characters
Louisiana Women                   (won a Dramalogue Award)
Division Street         (Lead: Officer Betty)
Child of the Sun                Henry Street
Canned Goods.                  LATC

Sonya also performed in films all principal or Featured:
The Cotton Club
A Chorus Line
Isle of Lesbos
Night Canvas
Park Day
Preaching to the Choir
What’s Love got to Do with it

And on TV all lead or featured:

The Sopranos
Weird Science
A Stranger Beside Me
Bitter Vengeance

Very impressive indeed! I asked Sonya what advice would she give a beginner in the industry, she told me that she would tell them to “listen to the people that move them for inspiration, and find out what their voice is.” “Performing is a very tough business” she said, “but I’m a pro.”


Sonya said that she does voice exercises for an hour a day and drinks plenty of water. Sonya’s debut CD “The Essential” is a pleasure to listen to. The most noteworthy tracks are “My baby just cares for me”, “Besame Mucho” and “C’est La Baby”, and a live version of Van Morrison’s “Moondance”, which is one of my favorites.  I would like to see Sonya Hemsley sing at more venues in Harlem, such as Gin Fizz or at Barawine on Lenox Ave.


The Essential CD can be purchased on Amazon, Spotify, Google music store, Shazam, ITunes, Tidal, Deezer, Rdio, and Cd Baby.