Ponty Bistro: From Gramercy to Harlem.


Always working in fine dining, Cisse and his cousin/partner Cheileh Cisse wanted to open another restaurant. Since they both lived in Harlem, they felt that would be the perfect location for the next restaurant, and on August 4th 2014 Ponty Bistro Harlem opened it’s doors at 2375 Adam Clayton Powell Blvd.

Owner and chef “Cisse” along with his cousin moved to Harlem 20 years ago from Senegal, and in 2008 opened Ponty Bistro Gramercy at 218 3rd Ave East 19th street.

Cisse told me that opening a restaurant has always been their dream, and it’s “the only thing we know how to do.” And they do it quite well. While talking with Cisse, I got a sense of the very passionate nature that Cisse channels into his cooking, having worked  as a chef for the famous French restaurant Daniel in midtown Manhattan.


(Katherine moved to Harlem four years ago, here enjoying a drink waiting for dinner)

Cisse describes his fare as “French/African fusion, citing that Ponty Bistro Gramercy  has been very successful for the past nine years. When I asked about the decor, Cisse told me that their vision for the restaurant was to have it very chic and very nice foreveryone. “Wants everyone to come in and have fun with us.”


(“Cisse”owner and chef)

This culinary duo built the restaurant from scratch, and on their best selling dishes, like the crispy tuna and the steak artichoke salad.  also specialty drinks such as the “Senegalese punch”, and the “Biss martini”


(The Crispy Tuna with Artichoke salad)

Before I left Ponty Bistro, Cisse invited back in the kitchen where I got a look at the master at his craft working hard in the kitchen to produce the best possible meal for each and every customer.

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