Little Bamboo Harlem: Fusion Sushi Bar and Lounge opens on Lenox Ave.

The latest addition to Lenox Ave in Harlem is the chic new fusion sushi bar and lounge Little Bamboo Express Sushi Bar. Opened Jan 16th on 119th Street & Lenox Ave, this Neo-Retro styled restaurant is making waves with Harlemites.


On the left side of this new Harlem restaurant is the sushi express bar and small but very eastern dining area which will made you feel like you’re in Japan for sure.

On the right side of walking in the door, is the very chic “Neo-Retro” bar and lounge area (a mixture of east and west) that inspires a good time.

The Food:
Serving Rice bowls with your choice of rice and “protein” (Beef, Chicken, Edamame Falafel, Shrimp and Salmon) and sauce (Teriyaki, Lemongrass Green Curry and Peanut-Red Curry).

6 piece Sushi rolls and Sashimi 2 piece. Special 8 piece rolls, like the Tuna Amazing roll, Coconut Shrimp roll, Harlem roll (with black pepper tuna, lettuce, cream cheese topped with soy caramel). Little Bamboo also offers Vegetarian Rolls, such as the Amazon Roll, Peruvian Roll, Kimsha Roll and the Tropical Soul Roll.

The salads they offer include the Bali Salad, Salmon Quinoa-Seaweed Salad, as well as vegan salads like the Vegan Salad and the Green Papaya Salad.

Bar Lounge:

At the bar you can enjoy a host of beers and red and white wines, and specialty  signature drinks like the “She’s so beautiful” and the “Harlem Swing”. Owner Jodi Solomon who is always helpful and walking around with a smile, has created another wonderful and fun place to eat and drink in Harlem. Little Bamboo is bound to be the latest Lenox Ave hot hangout and party spot.

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