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Harlem Shake Continues to Evolve as a Harlem Icon.

The Elegant Classy Gentleman Magazine

I was at Harlem Shake a couple of months ago speaking with Jelena Pasic for a restaurant review, but was unable to finish it, as Jelena had to run to a meeting and was going out of town for the holidays.

Jelena gave me a call and invited me to a private event at Harlem Shake, the “Burger & Wine Festival” in partnership with Mozel Watson of Pompette Wine & Spirits. This was in fact a perfect opportunity for me to finish my review and sample some of the fare offered by Pompette, as I was planning to feature Mozel Watson of Pompette for The Elegant Classy Gentleman.

While this Restaurant review is for Harlem Shake, I have to cover the “Burger & Wine Festival” as it was quite unique and fun!
Harlem Shake opened on 124th Street and Lenox Ave (a prime location indeed!) in April of 2013 and…

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