The Elements of Style:

There are many factors which are involved in developing a personal style. What you choose to wear reflects who you are, and your personality. The different elements that you implement in the way you dress is called style, which is constantly evolving and developed over time which shows the world who you are and what you inspire to be.


It is wise to experiment with many aspects of dress that express the “who you are” at any given time. Within this process you discover what you like and what you do not, by incorporating various elements in relation to your wardrobe.


You may draw on many resources for inspiration, which are unique and personal to refine and redefine you wardrobe and sense of dress. This is called style, and the elements you use to accomplish this lies within and without you.


 Knowing what works for you is the true magic of style. Being comfortable in your own skin is very important, as this allows and frees you to discover what you feel comfortable wearing. Discover the elements of your style!

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