The Art of Shopping in Your Own Closet.

 Many people spend tons of money on new clothes every season just to stay in style; and if you’re like me, you can purchase new items only just to wear them once or twice and then forget about them for months or even years. Have you ever went shopping for new clothes, and just could not find anything you really liked, or fit your style?  Shopping in your own closet can save you the trouble when that happens as well as a lot of money.


As a stylist, many of my clients complain that the “new styles” out for men just don’t appeal to them, or that spending so much money on new clothes every season is not working for them.


Shopping in your closet can, and does most of the time solve this problem. Many times have I found “lost treasures” hiding in the back of the closet or in storage bins just waiting to be reinvented into a whole new wardrobe! It is important to take some time and sort through your closets and draws and find new ways to mix and match items you already have to create an entire new wardrobe.


Many of us gain or lose weight during the course of the year and just toss these perfectly good items aside. What you can do for slacks and pants (if you lost weight) is too take them to your tailor or your local cleaners and have the waist taken in to your current waist size. This can also work with suits and jackets that you are now swimming in due to losing weight.

Next, try wearing old shirts in a new way creating a different look with other forgotten items to make new and interesting outfits, for example I recently found a bag of old ties, and lo and behold my creative juices started flowing and found at least five different outfits to wear them with for a new look. I also found some great sweaters I forgot about, and created four outfits using them as a center piece or to augment new outfits; the key is to look at old wardrobe items in a new way. Old coats or sport jackets can be revived by simple changing the buttons, or wearing them with accessories that reflect a whole new look.


You can also mix and match suits and suit separates to achieve a whole new style or look with just a bit of creativity. As you can see, with just a little time and patience and creativity you can find and repurpose clothes you already have in your closet or elsewhere, and mix them into new combinations, which will not only save you money, but keep you looking great and stylish!


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