On (and off ) the cuff with Gene Seidman: Unique, custom and very stylish handmade cuff links by Gene Seidman.


I caught up with Gene right before he was about to leave for Art Basel in Miami Fl. Gene was inspired to create his one of a kind cuff links while he was working at The Museum of Modern Art as director of the graphic design department back in 1982. Gene said “I wanted to add some panache to my wardrobe”, and he was also inspired by his love of product design, so he started making cuff links out of various things he found, in fact he makes them from just about anything. Gene has made cuff links out of fender guitar picks, wine corks, vintage buttons, Mac keyboard keys, and has created a limited edition of MoMA admission buttons, which are very rare!



There is also a series of Sim chip cuff links, made from actual sim cards, (I actually own a pair of these). Gene Seidman is the only person in the world that makes them. Also there is the “exotic skins” series of cuff links which are made from remnants of snake skin, kangaroo, and other exotic animal skins.

Each of his cufflinks has an interesting story behind their design. The latest creation by On the Cuff is “Pieces of New York”, which are cuff links made from pieces of sidewalks on various streets in NY during construction, and has made a limited edition of 10 pairs from 125th street in Harlem. “They are perfect for New Yorkers, tourists, and lovers of New York”, Gene said.

After he started wearing them he received many compliments from friends and strangers alike, and would just give them away for free on the spot, due to his love of the world as well as design. Gene, who is also a very green person, won an award from the EPA which illustrates his commitment to sustainability.


He began selling his cuff links in pop up stores on the Lower East Side and Soho, and people would buy them on the spot upon seeing them. Mr. Seidman also makes earrings, rings and cuff links for woman. All of Gene’s accessories are worn by people all over the world, as he considers his designs global. Gene was also commissioned to design a limited edition series of horse derby cuff links for the annual Harlem Derby event held at Settepani restaurant in Harlem. All of Gene’s designs are made by hand in NYC.

About Gene: Gene Seidman is a private art dealer and directs Artra Worldwide New York as a managing partner who deals in primary and secondary art, and also promotes numerous emerging artists. In addition he has held interesting and educational art tours, which he offered in the last year. Mr. Seidman will also be curating two art shows in 2016. You can often find Gene dancing in Harlem at the Red Rooster to Rakim Walker, and at the Lenox Saphire.


(Gene also designs double sided pocket squares, and will soon be available)

Gene Seidman is offering to readers of The Elegant Classy Gentleman a 10% discount on all orders placed by the end of this year. To order go to his website: http://www.onthecuff.nyc and email gene at: gene@onthecuffnyc and mention The Elegant Classy Gentleman in the subject line.


(Gene’s Art Basil design cuff links)





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