Chaiwali’s New Cocktails and Exotic Beers:Where to Drink Series Part 1

Chaiwali has created a unique new martini, The Juggernaut! a very peppery infused, and strong martini that does justice to its name. This cocktail is made with lemon perserve and an Asian spirit with other secret ingredients which I cannot divulge, however it is garnished with a flaming lemon twist which actually brings out the oils in the lemon twist.


In Indian mythology Juggernaut is an incarnation of the Hindu god Vishnu, whose idol, it was formerly supposed, so excited his worshipers when it was hauled along on a large car during religious rites that they threw themselves under the wheels and were crushed.

“Juggernaut or (Jagannatha), is worshiped at the religious city of Puri in India. A temple to Juggernaut there dates from the A . D . 1100s. According to one legend, a priest chose the site for the temple when he saw a crow dive into the nearby Bay.”

“Several festivals are held at the temple each year, the most important being the Chariot Festival in midsummer. On this occasion, the image of Juggernaut is placed on a 60-foot-high cart and pulled through the town by hundreds of people. Occasionally worshipers have thrown themselves beneath the wheels of the cart to be crushed as a sacrifice to Jagannatha. This practice gave rise to the English word juggernaut, meaning a person or power that crushes anything in its path.”

This is one heck of a martini! I almost crumbled under its power. It is interesting to note that despite its name and mighty punch, the Juggernaut is a very healthy cocktail, the ingredients are actually detoxifying and good for you. Go figure!


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