Blvd Bistro: Great American Comfort Soul Food in Harlem.

It was a cold and windy early Sunday evening and I was making my way down Lenox Ave to the corner of 121st Street. I was invited by BLVD BISTRO to do a review of their brunch menu, and when I walked into this small but comfy restaurant, I immediately felt warm, not so much from the heat, but from the warm and friendly atmosphere I was greeted with. I was also very impressed that they are open for brunch from 10AM to 6PM! Perfect for those who like to sleep late on Sundays, like myself!


Blvd Bistro is owned by the chef, Carlos and his wife Markeisha, who also is the hostess. A very nice pair these two, as they seem to complement each other in an obvious way at first sight. Born in Mississippi Carlos has been cooking since he was 5 years old, and his family moved to New Jersey when he was about 7 and was raised there.



When I asked Carlos if he does all the cooking at home, he gave me a smile and said “no, we share the cooking at home”. Markeisha has a very friendly and disarming way about her that makes you feel at ease instantly. Carlos is a very down to earth kind of guy you can’t help but like no nonsense and straight to the point. Carlos and Markeisha are living the American Dream!



The manger Charles is a well dressed gentleman who is very pleasant and well spoken, but very much business oriented at the same time and commands respect without too much effort.
This Southern bistro has a very organic, comfortable feel to it that inspires you to stay long after you finished your meal.



The décor is very “earthy”, nice hard wood floors, wooden tables, and very comfortable booths for dining, and high chairs for children. The place has a trendy East village feel to it, so you get the feeling that you have been here before, yes a homey feeling indeed! Carlos descried the décor as an “extension of his living room”, (so yes I was right).


There is a small, but cozy bar in the back, and they play cool music that sets the mood for the place, an eclectic mix of Jazz and Latin tunes. Gaslight light fixtures adorn the left side of the ceiling, and recent works of the local artist Ronald Draper are hanging on the wall, I was very impressed that he remembered me, as he said hello and called me by name on his way out from having brunch, we have only met once or twice. Nice fellow and even nicer artwork.



I was served the Shrimp and Grits, and the Chicken and Biscuits, along with a field green salad with goat cheese and apples. The shrimp and grits is made with real beacon strips and cheddar cheese, the best I ever had in my life, and the fried chicken is so satisfying ,(the batter on the chicken must be a secret family recipe) and the biscuits “will change your life”. This is southern comfort food at its best! The field green salad was equally as good. All paired was a very decent Chardonnay.
A woman eating a salad there Juliette said “I would like to see more vegetarian, gluten free options; however, the food is so good here I’m seriously re-thinking this vegetarian business”.


I could not help but notice that every customer left the place with a smile on their face, which says much in its own right.
The staff was very friendly and attentive, always checking if I needed anything with the very same Southern hospitality that I was greeted with.


(The staff: Manager Sarina, Erol, Jasmine)


Jasmine my server was excellent, and pretty much everything else. I give Blvd Bistro five stars for service, five stars for hospitality, and five and a half stars for the food! And four and a half stars for ambiance. Overall I give this restaurant Five and a half Stars. The Food was definitely a comfort, and the Southern hospitality was extremely on point! A great place to take a date for brunch, dinner or even drinks, you can’t go wrong in any sense of the word!



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