Capes Cardigans and Cloaks: Fall Fashion Styles for Gentlemen.


With autumn upon us (my favorite time of year), the air is brisk and crisp and just perfect for fall attire stylish wear. This year we have the men’s cloak and cape cardigans making a fashion forward statement in men’s wear. Since I was very young, I admired the cloaks and capes men wore in old period movies, giving them an air and flair to their countenance.




2015 has now brought men’s capes and cloak cardigans into men’s stylish wear after decades in hiatus. The Cloak and men’s Cardigan Capes have taken a new spin in gentlemen fashion.

f7944b99a5184f5e58b9d9751f06b2d4Various asymmetrical cuts and styles as well as fabrics now drape the shoulders of gentlemen of style.



From semi-casual to elegant dress, the Cardigan Cape and Cloaks can be seen all over the city worn by men of exceptional style.


s-l300 (1)s-l300

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