The Return of The Ubiquitous Trendy Dress Shirt.


The non-traditional trendy dress shirt has been making a comeback in the 21st century.
Back in the 1980’s trendy dress shirts was very popular, and made famous by shirt making companies like “Chams De Baron”, “Arrow” and “Ocean Pacific” giving a contrast and companion to the “designer jeans” craze in which “Calvin Klein”, “Bon Jour”, “Sergio Valente” and “Jordache” led the pack, “Sassoon” was also a household name. A must have for the fabulous fashionistas of the time.


The trendy and stylish men’s dress shirt has returned, giving fashionable men many more options to express their unique and individual style.


Once you find “That Shirt” which you must be seen in, take some time thinking of other unique pieces to pair it with, which could be a trendier style of boots or shoes, an asymmetrical jacket, or even that perfect pair of black jeans you were afraid to wear with anything else.

But don’t choose a shirt just for the sake of being different, your choice should reflect you and your personal individual style. Dare to different, Dare to be you, Dare to have style!


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